posh potato wedges

3, 2, 1… where have the wedges gone?

Serves: 6


6 medium-large potatoes

5 cloves

pinch of:

salt, pepper, mixed spice, thyme (dried + crushed – mine has sesame seeds in it, too), tasteless orange colouring (powdered)


I used the washed potatoes (pictured); so I only gave them a rinse and got to work.

If you have the muddy ones, then scrub, and peel them. Otherwise, wedges are best with their skin on.

Their cleanliness is so handy…

To begin, cut a potato in half vertically. Like so:

A vertically cut potato… 🙂

Next, cut one of the halves in half again! Pictured…

Cutting it into quarters now…

Repeat this for the other half. Now you should have 4 quarters.

Take one of the quarters, and position your knife so that it cuts straight through the middle. Now you have 1 eighth ready. Or in other words, you have 1 wedge ready! The halving process:

From half, to quater, to eighth = wedge!

Repeat this for all the potatoes! Chop. Chop. Chop.

You should end up with something similar to this:

Wedges! Woohoo!

Fire up the deep fryer. The oil is ready when a wedge sizzles immediately when dropped into it.

In the meantime, pat dry your wedges with a paper towel and salt.

Toss the wedges to make sure they are all salted properly.

Pat dry with a paper towel if you notice any excess moistness.

Pop the wedges into the deep fryer and fry for 1 – 2 minutes. The purpose of frying the wedges ISN’T to cook them through. It is simply to form a skin. This will stop your wedges from becoming mashed potato when you flavour and toss them! It also adds a little devilish crunch after baking, i.e. it makes the devouring process a lot more tastier.

Fried potatoes on a paper towel. You literally only fry for a couple minutes – no golden brown crispiness!

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.

As the wedges release excess oil on a paper towel, prepare the spices. In a mortar add the salt, pepper, mixed spice, thyme, orange powder, and cloves. Use the pestle to grind them – making sure the cloves are well ground.

L – R, clockwise: pepper, salt, mixed spice, thyme, orange powder, cloves

Remove the wedges from the paper towel and place into a non-stick baking tray. No need to grease it as oil will still be present to do the job.

Evenly coat the wedges with the spices and toss.

Spiced potato wedges… Ready for the oven!

Pop the tray into the oven for 20-30 minutes, turning the tray once or twice throughout the cooking process.

Serve with sour cream and chives or spring onion.


7 thoughts on “posh potato wedges

    • fatisrecipes says:

      🙂 hehehehe… my sister’s English teacher would’ve given you a sticker, I reckon. Keep ’em up… I hope you take a dare one day and try a recipe 😀 (but don’t blame me for any kitchen catastrophes caused) 😉

  1. Charles says:

    Nice – I usually just stick to the same spice mixture for my wedges – cumin and chilli powder – this looks a nice alternative, especially the cloves, although not sure where I can find orange powder :/

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