precious pomegranate juice

It’s so tasty, there was only a glass left for 3 people to share.

Next time, I’ll sticky tape my mouth when doing this! 😉

Serves: 4


8 medium pomegranates (even if they’re partially unripe)

1/2 cup sugar



Cut the pomegranates in half.

Seed the pomegranates using your preferred method. The one I use is as below:

Place the palm of your hand over the seeds.

Hold the pomegranate half over a large bowl.

Use a spoon (or any kitchen utensil) to hit the skin to rip the seeds away.

When your hand fills with seeds, drop them into the bowl and continue until the half is mostly empty.

Use your thumb to rip away any left over seeds.

Do this for all the pomegranates.

Remove any membranes (the white bits) from the seeds.

Place the pomegranate seeds in a blender.

Add water until you reach the top of the pomegranates (so for example, the seeds reached the “2 cup” marking on my blender, add enough water to reach the “2 cup” marking).

Add half a cup of sugar (-or to taste – of course add less than 1/2 a cup if your pommies are sweet!)

Blend for 3 – 5 seconds on the slowest setting (and literally no more!)

Fact: blending the pomegranates for too long will cause the inner seed membrane to rip and spread a feverishly bitter taste throughout the juice.

Drain the juice from the inner seeds using a fine sieve.

Discard the seeds. Add the juice into a jug.

Serve on a hot day with your favourite snack.



6 thoughts on “precious pomegranate juice

  1. om khadija says:

    great work ما شاء الله لا قوة الا بالله
    all my best wishes to you ربنا يبارك لك يارب
    this juice really an addiction
    may be you donot love it first time but after that it will be no 1 juice
    thank you for the precious inf about blend

    many thx best wishes for you

    • fati's recipes says:

      جزاك الله خير for your beautiful du’aa and comment. I hope to see you around more often. Your comment really put a big smile on my day today. May Allah bless you always. Ameen! 🙂

      • om khadija says:

        thank you dear for your kindness….your reply really touched my heart
        since i discover your blog and i am glad i did >>ma shaa allah your blog is awesome
        الحمد لله انى اكتشفتها…
        in shaa allah i will be stuck here discover that little treasure even if you do not see me ,,, may Allah fill your life with happiness you and all your beloved
        جزاك الله خيرا على دعائك وفقك الله ورفع قدرك فلى الدنيا والاخرة
        دمتى دوما بخير

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