basic watermelon fruit basket

Now that summer’s over, I’m really looking forward to cooler nights and heartier food 🙂 A few weeks back when the fruit drawer was overflowing, I made a very basic fruit basket and took it along to a little morning tea.

If all else fails, take a real fruit basket with you 🙂

I had plans to make it a bit more fancy, but I started just an hour before I had to leave, so I had very little time to make it fancy and cut up fruit to place within. Asides from that, my little journey to make this basic fruit basket almost came to an end when I accidentally cut straight through the handle! Some clear sticky tape got that fixed up 🙂

For a first time, I think I did quite okay, but I plan to make this basket again… but with a fancier touch. My idea was to use a lemon zester (not that I even have one!) to carve out a basket weave on the watermelon, and cut the handle with some curves to make it look like a plait. Hope you stick around ’til then… 😀

Yields: one fruit basket able to feed 10+ people 😉


1 medium watermelon

an assortment of fruit, including:

kiwi fruit         rockmelon

peach               plum

grapes              mango

apple                pineapple

lychees            orange

pear                  banana

cherries          strawberries


Begin by placing the watermelon on its side and rolling it to find the most stable position.

Use a whiteboard marker to draw out the handle and ‘rim’ of the basket.

Use a sharp knife to cut these sections out.

Carve out the flesh, starting at the flesh which comes down off the handle.

You can use a mini ice cream scoop to make melon balls to place in the basket; alternatively, score the remaining watermelon flesh, then carve out by running the knife through the flesh, cutting it into segments.

Use a tablespoon to help cut away the segments from the skin.

Pour out any watermelon juice from the basket.

Continue using a tablespoon to scrape the flesh off the insides to have a clean, smooth finish.

Wash the basket and set aside while you wash and cut all the fruit.

Place the fruit into the melon basket and keep refrigerated until serving time!



15 thoughts on “basic watermelon fruit basket

  1. Charles says:

    I love serving fruit out of fruit… seems so meta 😀 it’s fun to serve it out of small canteloupe melons for individuals, but this is a great idea for a family. I think I tried to make one once and the handle ended up breaking off when I was testing it for fun to see if it could support weight (bad idea :p). In the end I had to serve it without a handle, so it obviously didn’t look as cool as yours 😀

  2. mjskit says:

    What a fabulous idea! I’m definitely bookmarking this so that once summer returns where I am and all these beautiful fruit is abundant, I can impress my family and friends with this beautiful basket! Right now I’m sipping on hot tea and trying to stay warm. 🙂

  3. fati's recipes says:

    Hey… thanks all for popping in… I forgot to reply to your comments! 😀 I know I was amazed at how fragile the watermelon skin is after you take out all the nectar! Definitely no handle-holding basket this one is! 🙂 Enjoy making it to those who do make it 🙂

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