a postcard from malaysia

Hi all…. 🙂

Been a little quiet around the blog since I’ve gone overseas for a little holiday – hooray! I’ve come by Malaysia, the land of sweet people, rich culture, and good food. Coming here has been so enlightening as I revisit all the places I’ve been to and discover new ones along the way. My last stop was at Johor after crossing over the Singaporean border.

I had a very funny encounter today, which I thought I’d share with you 🙂 You see this fine gentleman here making me freshly squeezed watermelon juice…..


Well, he happened to have served me again, a year later, in the same shop, same uniform, just with a little hair cut 😉 Being a little Boost freak back home in Aussie, I loved drinking these freshly squeezed juiced, and spent quite a few of my ringgits last time I was in Johor! So when I popped in today with my good ol’ Canon and SD, I asked the gentleman if he recognised who the man in the photo was. He inspected the photo for a bit, recognised himself and threw a chuckle. What I remember the most from last year is being taught some Malay phrases as he made the juice. And here he is again a year later making me carrot juice w/ sweetened condensed milk and iced kopi o. Gosh the world is a sweet, small place 🙂


Will be popping by all your wonderful blogs to like and comment and drool as soon as better internet comes around and some rest time is scheduled in. Until then, happy cooking, and keep posting! 🙂


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