Baked bread rolls

beehive stuffed bread rolls

[repost with revised recipe]

Aahh… the golden beehive in a tray. This heart-warming carby goodness is all the craze in the middle east, especially among my Saudi (and Algerian) friends. Whenever a lady comes to a potluck party with a tray of these, the entire room turns to her and takes a big sniff in… in attempt to have the biggest share of the sweet suckle and tender smell freshly baked hives emanate. Usually portions are one bun per person. Ha, what a joke! But then again, a baking tray can only fit so many buns, right?

Undoubtedly, each woman at the party sneaks two onto her plate, and maybe one in the mouth when no one is looking… diet? What diet? I’ll start that tomorrow (because you don’t go to potlucks everyday, now do you?!) Then come the ladies that missed out, wishing under their breaths that there had been a second tray, and gently cussing the ladies that got 3.

Behive stuffed bread rolls

I’m not overreacting here. The buns are really that good, and if you don’t believe me, you’ll just have to try them for yourself with a cuppa!

The dough recipe I use here is from an old housewife, and good friend. She, of course, does not use measurements precisely, but a dough is a dough, and if you’re a good baker, you will be able to make this dough beautifully. Feel free to use a milk bread dough recipe if you’re more comfortable with that.

Behive stuffed bread rolls

Yields: one 12-inch tray


4 cup plain flour

2 handfuls of powdered milk

1 to 2 cups warm water

2 tbs instant yeast

3 tbs sugar

1 tsp salt

1/3 cup flavourless oil

1/2 tsp honey + water to loosen

1 small egg for an egg wash

1 x 250g tub of cream cheese (or your fave filling)

black seeds (Nigella Sativa) or sesame seeds to decorate


Combine the flour, salt, sugar, milk powder and instant yeast in a large bowl.

Make a well in the centre and add 1 cup water and oil. Combine, adding more water until dough comes together.

Knead with a dough hook (or by hand) until the dough is smooth, soft and elastic.

Oil and allow to rise, covered, for 1 hour.

Split the dough into large walnut sized segments, roll into a ball and flatten slightly.

Place a teaspoon of cream cheese in the centre and pinch dough together to form a ball. Roll between your palms to smooth out the surface. Repeat for remaining dough.

Bread rolls ready to be baked

Arrange stuffed buns in a greased 12-inch baking tray, about a centimetre (1/2 inch) apart.

Brush buns with an egg wash and decorate with sesame/black seeds.

Allow to rise, covered, for another 30 mins – 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C (180 fan). Bake buns on the middle rack until golden brown.

Baked bread rolls

In a small dish, drizzle the honey, adding a few drops of water to loosen.

When the buns are ready and still hot, brush over the honey mixture, serve warm from the oven with a cuppa! 🙂


18 thoughts on “beehive stuffed bread rolls

  1. Marlo says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I lived in the Middle East (Dubai) and one of my arab friends mother made this. I only ate it once, but I fell inlove with the flavours. I never got the name and when i returned back to my country I craved this spesific bread treat. I’ve been craving it for more than 2 years and will definatly be making it very soon – now that i know how and what i need.
    I am struggling to get tradional arabic recipes, I love their food especially the Lebanese foods.
    Thank you once again. The internet is an amaizing thing.

    Kind Regards all the way from sunny South Africa

    • fatisrecipes says:

      No worries! 😀 I’m so glad you’ve found what you’re looking for.
      I actually have had the same trouble with finding traditional recipes for Arab cuisine. Luckily my grandma’s popped in for a long visit, so I’m squeezing every last recipe out of her while she’s here! 🙂
      The dough used in this recipe was yummy, but you could try any soft bread dough, or this one (posted here).
      Also, feel free to choose any filling you like 🙂

    • sohini says:

      i had a Sudanese lady training me for my job 11 years back and she made this bread which i still have the taste and googled this recipe which i finally found it.
      Thanks Sunny. llooovvveee the recipe

  2. Marlo says:

    Hi fati.
    Thank you for the reply. I assume you are from arabic descent. Forgive me if I am wrong. But if you are, please ask your grandma if she knows a recipe for Za’ter. 😀 I use to love Za’ter manakeesh.
    Hope you are well.

    • fatisrecipes says:

      Hi Marlo.
      No worries. Your assumption is correct. I’m an Aussie born Arab who has they world’s most wonderful grandma 🙂 According to me anyway…
      I asked her if she has a recipe for za’tar and well of course she did. I’ll try posting it up soon for you with as many notes, tips and hints as possible. But you ought to forgive me on this one, I’ve never made za’tar before, nor will I make the recipe I’ll post, but I trust she really knows what she’s talking about! Will report back soon 🙂

  3. Charles says:

    Oh, these look beautiful Fati – so fluffy and with the cheese in the middle too…. wonderful. I make a lot of bread these days, but always “regular” stuff… I should really branch out and be a bit more adventurous!

    • fati's recipes says:

      🙂 It’s always wonderful to get your random comments on my older posts! 😀 Thanks, but I’ll be honest and say I do prefer the other dough recipe (linked right at the beginning of this post)… Stuffed rolls are delicious! I hope you do end up trying it out 🙂

      • Charles says:

        Oh my God – I didn’t even notice the date! It showed up as “new and unread” in Google Reader, so I just clicked through, assuming it was a recent post… what the heck? 😀

        By the way – did the horse arrive at your place by now? The other one arrived with Barb in Canada, so I really hope yours didn’t get lost in the mail or something 😦

      • fati's recipes says:

        Ohh, that’s probably because I did some very brief editing the other day on the post! 😀

        Yes, I’ve been avoiding your question because I wanted you to see it in my upcoming post in the background of a picture, but okay, I’ll let you get a good night’s sleep and say that yes it did arrive a fair few days back and it’s so darn cute, I LOVE IT! :mrgreen:

  4. okino says:

    Oh wowwwww.

    Thank you so much for posting this. My Palestinian friend showed me a picture of her beehive and then I was craving some!! I don’t have yeast so I’ll wait till tomorrow to try my first beehive. Thanks again, great post!

  5. Fatima says:

    Wow, these look amazing, ive been trying to find these stuffed bread recipes for so long, you have amazing recipes! Im Pakistani-Canadians so its difficult for me to find these middle eastern recipes. Im glad I came across this 😀

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