postcard from oman

I’ve been a little hush on the blog lately… But for a good reason. I’ve been holidaying in Oman for several weeks, visiting with my partner’s family. The country here is very beautiful, full of historical sites and souqs.

Al-Nakhal Fort in Al-Batinah, Oman

Al-Nakhal Fort in Al-Batinah, Oman

As my stay here has come to a close, and my plane to Dubai is just a few hours away, I had to share with you the highlight of my trip. I call it my biggest “Oh, man!” in Oman moment 😉

About 2 weeks into the trip, we were driving by a nearby souq and in drifted the smell of “shwa” or as I say “mashaawi“. Mashaawi, in my home country, basically refers to meat that’s been barbecued on coal, often the meat is skewered and marinated, and when cooked, it’s served with bread, finely diced red onion and parsley… YUM!

So this roadside bbq gave off a teasing smell – one that brought back memories of our childhood family barbecues – and although the formula of raw meat, cooked on the roadside, by a stranger with no clear idea of food preparation cleanliness sounds like a disaster – the urge became too strong to resist!

And so the decision was made, we’ll buy 1 of each skewer… It was one of those “my Arab belly can handle it, I grew up on this stuff” and “let’s say bismillah and hope for the best” kind of thought process. 😕

And 5 minutes later, I was sitting in the car, questioning what we had just bought, thinking there was only one way to find out. I could tell two of the skewers were chicken and liver, and there was a lamb one, but what was that last skewer?

Meat Skewers

I ate one of the skewers before I took this.. Can you tell which skewer is the adventurous one?

It was a little chewy in texture, white in colour, and would have been pretty bland without the basting on it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Until my partner’s darling mother piped, “Ohh it’s sheep testicles!” right in the middle of my mouthful of the meat. 😮

Yikes! I didn’t really know what to think. I was in shock a little, I really have tried everything now, I thought. Then my mind swirled between the chewiness in my mouth, the adventurous stew of maddog, and my uncle’s wife who loves pan-frying the stuff.

Rest assured… it went down and stayed down, phew!
What has been your most adventurous holiday treat to date?


4 thoughts on “postcard from oman

  1. Mad Dog says:

    Ha ha – I’ve eaten bull’s testicles, but not sheep’s. They are supposed to be good with hot sauce and as they are plentiful in Spain, I keep meaning to cook some…
    What a beautiful castle! 🙂

  2. mjskit says:

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip except for that last bite. 🙂 Brave girl to start eating prior to knowing what it was. Love that picture of the fort. So different than what I see here in the states. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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