Melon ball & bocconcini salad

Our friends in the northern hemisphere are suffering from hot days, and summer sweats! So we’ve been so kind to share with them a summer favourite (which clearly is a middle-of-winter favourite, too!) 🙂

Having recently tried Spanish melon, and absolutely loving it, we decided to make this sweet and salty melon ball and bocconcini salad! Not only is it absolutely adorable to look at, and fun for little hands to eat, it’s also refreshing with bursts of red syrupy sweet watermelon, salty bites of bocconcini, and bright green Spanish melon.

Wait. What’s Spanish melon anyway? I’d always seen these curious looking fruits at my local grocery store. I never thought to have a close look though – to me they looked like a green version of Papaya which I’m not a fan of. I then learnt they have some peculiar names! Can you guess any?

How about…. (drum roll, please)… Santa Clause Melon! And more interestingly, in Spanish piel de sapo meaning “toad skin” because it’s botched skin actually resembles toad skin! Yikes! What I also learned, and absolutely love, is that this melon can be kept for up to SIX WEEKS longer than other melons! An absolute refuge for busy mums who forget about those hidden groceries in the back of the fridge!

Don’t ask how I know 😉


Well in celebration of trying out and loving piel de sapo, we’re putting it’s toad-skin skin to good use by using it as a bowl for our melon ball & cheese salad. We hope you do too 🙂

Serves: 2 adults (or several kids)


1/2 Spanish melon

1/8 red watermelon, or about 1 cup of melon balls

100g milk cherry bocconcini (the small sized bites)

1/4 pomegranate (optional)

1/4 tsp dried mint

2 tbs salt + water as needed



Begin by brining your bocconcini. Add 2 tbs salt into enough water to immerse the bocconcini. Set aside to brine.

Use a melon baller to ball 1 cup of red watermelon, and 1/2 a Spanish melon.

Use a spoon to scrape any remaining flesh from the Spanish melon. Save skin to use as a bowl. Use scraped flesh in a smoothie or eat as is (don’t waste it, it’s delicious!)

Remove perils from pomegranate if using and set aside.

Drain bocconcini and pat try with a paper towel. Add both melons and cheese into the melon skin bowl and sprinkle with pomegranate and dried mint flakes. Serve immediately.


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