confessions of a foodie blogger & instagrammer

If you follow me here or on Instagram, it’ll probably seem like I serve up delicious food, packed with flavour and nutrients, or a whole lot of indulgence. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Yikes! 🙈 I thought since I haven’t blogged in ages, this would be a fun post to get back into the swing of things.


So here’s to #keepingitreal



Delicious, just not through my lens

1 – I don’t always serve photogenic food. And who does, really? Think pulled beef, stews and curries. Or think rushed dinner, too hot to cook, and I’m not bothered to make this pretty. We all have those days, but for a person who puts herself out there as a foodie, this alarmingly happens over 75% of the time! 😶



Chicken & veggies served over fries, because that’s what I had on hand

2 – I don’t meal plan. Say whaaaaat? I’ve read about and spoken to heaps of people who cannot live a single day without making sure they’ve meal planned on the weekend. To me, meal planning is a chore (and believe me, I’ve tried it for several weeks). I see the benefits to it – like knowing what to buy at the grocery store, and knowing what’s in store for the week. But I just can’t do it! The closest I’ll get to meal planning is knowing I’m craving a particular dish and must cook it within the next few days. Other than that I go commando. 😎



The Glass Den, Melbourne

3 – We eat out. Oh yes we do, and that’s partly because I haven’t meal planned, and the fridge doesn’t quite have what I need to make anything I can think of. Oops. But foodies love to try different foods, so eating out is a great way to experiment with new flavours and cuisines. It is an endless array of inspiration for me so when I get home I can make new recipes (or at least I’ve made Husband believe this 😌). Having said this, I do tend to make those “using what I have” recipes but only on the days I actually feel bothered to.




I flipped this cake while hot, and boom.

4 – I stuff up sometimes. Yeah I’ve burnt a few toasties, forgotten to add salt, or slightly undercooked that chicken (back in the oven you go). I usually manage to fix most stuff ups with a simple google search or intuition. I know I’ve particularly stuffed up if we slowly grind, chew and gulp our way through a meal then no one eats the left overs and I see an empty bag of Nando’s tucked quietly into the kitchen bin. 😅



Little M and I preparing together – a rare treat

5 – Gimme that half prepped food from the supermarket. I’m only a mum to one, but I try to pour out all my love and energy into her, I’m not finding the time to enjoy mis en place as I used to. It was so therapeutic for me – dicing that onion so finely – but now that my priorities are shifting, I’m buying that Worcestershire sauce (because dang, it adds so much flavour quickly), and I’m pulling out my mini food processor to get things done. 😪


What are your kitchen confessions? 🙊


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7 thoughts on “confessions of a foodie blogger & instagrammer

  1. Mad Dog says:

    There’s definitely a lot of delicious brown food out there, which is very hard to make photogenic.
    What’s that wooly stuff in the Glass Den photo? I’m assuming it’s edible, but I think I might rather eat bugs or bull’s testicles!

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