waffle french toasts

Make these easy waffle French toasts for your weekend breakfast, ready in under 15 minutes and delightful with fresh whipped cream, berries and maple syrup.


I don’t yet own a waffle maker, so I often buy toaster waffles from my local grocery store. They’re convenient and satisfy the waffle craving without dishing out $15+ per person at a café. But they all have a grave flaw – they turn hard as rock when you toast them – which is so counterintuitive as they are toaster waffles after all!


After experimenting with several methods (from steam baking to pan toasting, to toaster toasting!) I had a light bulb moment to drench these store bought circles of gold in a French toast batter!

Behold – Waffle French Toasts! These are everything your weekend breakfast can deliver. Slightly crispy edges, velvety soft interiors, and a healthy dousing of maple syrup offset with a vanilla whipped cream and seasonal fruit.


Serves: 2


4 store bought toaster waffles (two per person, or one depending on thickness and size)

1 extra large egg

3/4 cup milk

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tbs thickened cream, optional

butter for searing



Whisk egg, milk and vanilla in a shallow dish wide enough for waffles.

Heat a pan on medium-low heat (on a large gas head, or medium-high heat if using a small one). Add butter and let melt.

Meanwhile, dip one waffle at a time in the egg mixture, flipping or immersing to make sure both sides are covered.

Lift waffle and let excess mixture drain. Sear in pan until waffle bottoms are crispy, then flip.

Cook until golden brown.

Serve waffle French toasts with fresh whipped cream, maple syrup, and berries or seasonal fruit if desired.

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